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What are the differences between Free, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual plans?

We strive to provide a flexible learning experience for our students in every aspect, including payments. We offer several subscription options so that you or your sponsor can arrange your payments according to your needs and preferences. 

Free – This is a preview of the program that gives you access to the first few video lessons and exercises of every course. This allows you to get a feel of 365’s learning experience and the quality of our materials. All other plans give you full access to all content and functionalities on the platform. 

MonthlyWith this subscription plan, you pay the same amount each month. Your payments will renew automatically unless you cancel your plan. You pay for the month ahead, so once you cancel the plan, you’ll have access to all courses for 30 days after your last payment. 

QuarterlyThe quarterly plan is the same as the monthly one, except you pay once every three months. When you cancel your subscription, you’ll have access to the courses for 90 days after your last payment. 

AnnualWith the annual plan, you’re billed once per year, which essentially means you prepay for 12 months. The benefit of doing this is that you pay a reduced price compared to our other plans. If you cancel your subscription, you’ll still have access to the platform for 365 days after your last payment. 

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