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and prepare you for the competitive and complex world of finance.

Choose from a wealth of materials that cover career-critical areas, including financial analysis,
investment banking, business analysis, accountancy, private equity analysis, asset management,
credit risk analysis, business control, and auditing.

Do you want to pursue a career in finance? Our complete training will prepare you for a job as a financial analyst, investment banker, business analyst, accountant, private equity analyst, asset manager, credit risk analyst, business controller, or auditor.

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Join over 1,000,000 students from 210 countries and take our easily digestible, concise, and carefully planned courses. Covering a complete range of skills required for entry-level positions, they will help you land your dream job with the world’s top employers.

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The 365 Financial Analyst Certificate ® is proof of your expertise in the field and is an effective foot in the door of many leading employers. Starting with the fundamentals before moving onto advanced topics, your learnings will consist of 9 mandatory courses, with a minimum of 7 electives.

The program covers MS Office Productivity, Accounting and Financial Analysis, Trading & Investing, Business Analysis & Strategy, Economics, Statistics for Finance, Corporate Finance and M&A, Data Visualization, and FinTech, and more.

365 Financial Analyst Certificate

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