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Drive your finance career by choosing the right career track. Acquire the skills to become a sought-after financial analyst, investment analyst, or investment banker.

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Choose your desired career path in finance and boost your skills with 365 Financial Analyst’s structured curriculum.

You can enroll in as many career tracks as you like.


Choose Your Electives

You can select up to two elective finance courses to complement the required topics in your career track. Follow our recommendations or your personal preferences to build the best curriculum for your needs.

You have the freedom to decide which ones you would like to take.


Take the Classes

Watch our engaging video lessons and complete the assignments to obtain the essential practical skills. You can skip the topics you’re familiar with and test your knowledge with the course exam.

Our video lessons are best-in-class and, very soon, you will know why.


Take the Course Exams

You must take the exams on all required and elective courses in the career track. You can access them even if you haven’t watched the videos.

But you must answer at least 60% of the questions correctly to continue the program.


Pass the Final Exam

The final exam covers all required topics in your chosen career track.

You must pass this comprehensive assessment to receive a career track certificate.


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Career track certificate