Financial Ratio Analysis

with Antoniya Baltova

In this course, you will learn to evaluate a company’s financial position and overall performance using ratio analysis. We will guide you through the process of calculating and interpreting various efficiency, liquidity, solvency, profitability, and valuation multiples.

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Course Overview

Calculating and interpreting financial ratios is a valuable skill for every seasoned financial professional. By the end of this Financial Ratio Analysis course, you will be able to understand and analyze activity, liquidity, solvency, profitability, and valuation ratios and integrate them into a comprehensive financial analysis framework in Excel. You will learn what the ROE, P/E, EPS, ROA, and GPM abbreviations mean and how to interpret and apply them in financial analysis. We will teach you to recognize whether a company is generating sufficient profits to maintain sustainable operations or is heavily in debt and headed to insolvency. You will learn how to spot potential liquidity issues and significant cash shortages and assess whether a firm is currently under or overvalued by the market using its published financial statements and supplementary information. Furthermore, we discuss a key technique called the DuPont Analysis, which compiles several ratios into a comprehensive financial analysis framework. This is а must-know for everyone interested in becoming a seasoned professional in the field. By the end of the Financial Ratio Analysis course, you will be able to compute financial ratios commonly employed in equity and credit analysis. You will also learn the meaning of segment reporting and how to use ratio analysis to model and forecast earnings. We tackle several categories of financial multiples with practical examples and challenges in Excel. Most importantly, you will evaluate the financial performance and position of a real company using ratio analysis. Sign up now to enhance your finance career and take the next step towards mastering the art of financial ratio analysis.

Topics covered

Excelfinancial analysisFinancial ModelingForecastingRatio Analysis

What You'll Learn

The financial ratios covered in this Financial Ratio Analysis course fall into the following categories:

Activity ratios —trade receivables turnover, trade payables turnover, inventory turnover
Liquidity ratios —current, cash, and quick ratios
Solvency ratios —debt-to-assets, debt-to-capital, debt-to-equity, financial leverage
Profitability ratios —gross profit margin (GPM), operating profit margin (OPM), net profit margin (NPM), return on assets (ROA), return on equity (ROE)
Valuation ratios —earnings per share (EPS), price/earnings ratio (P/E), dividend yield
DuPont Analysis —a comprehensive analysis framework


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This is worth more than a hundred dollars. Indeed, this course delivered financial ratio analysis at its best.
The concepts are taught and explained in way that is easy for layperson to grasp and comprehend! Well done
I can't explain how good it is. Thanks a lot Antonia Mam for explaining the topic with a huge explaination
Great course so far. Although I'm yet to conclude the course but I must say it is sooo worth my time.
Good for understanding concept and I am interested for data science after complete finance course
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Antoniya Baltova

“Ratio analysis tells a story that is not readily available in the published financial statements of a company.”

Antoniya Baltova

Chief Financial Officer at 365

Financial Ratio Analysis

with Antoniya Baltova

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