Fundamentals of Equity Valuation

with Ivan Kitov

Take control of your investment game by mastering the fundamentals of equity valuation. Learn how to apply the three main types of valuation models, the difference between market and intrinsic value, and the impact of dividends and stock splits. Test your knowledge with practical tasks and real-life exercises.

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Course Overview

They say investing isn’t about beating others at their game, but about controlling yourself at your own game. This means using the rights valuation tools to determine the best course of action. The Fundamentals of Equity Valuation course teaches you how to do that. It covers the fundamentals of equity valuation using discounted cash flow models, price multiples, and asset-based models. Valuation isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. The choice of a model depends mainly on the availability of information and the analyst’s confidence in its execution. This course teaches you how to evaluate, choose, and apply each of the valuation models. You will learn the difference between market and intrinsic value and more about cash dividends and their subtypes. We also examine stock dividends, stock splits, reverse stock splits, and share repurchases. Throughout the valuation course, we overview present value models and focus on the Gordon growth dividend discount model. Then, we examine the use of multiples in valuation—more specifically, price-to-earnings, price-to-book value, price-to-sales, and price-to-cash flow ratios. Towards the end of the course, we describe the asset-based valuation models and their use in estimating equity value. Once you are familiar with all the tools analysts use to estimate the fair stock value, we summarize their advantages and disadvantages. Designed for financial analysts and investment professionals, this course will equip you with the expertise and skills to make informed investment decisions. Don't wait to take your career to the next level. Invest in your future and enroll now!

Topics covered

DCFFinance FundamentalsInvestment AnalysisMultiples

What You'll Learn

This course covers the essential for every financial analyst basic equity valuation theory and shows you how to apply it in practice. Most importantly, you will:

Describe the major categories of equity valuation models
Examine the dividend payment chronology
Compute a stock’s intrinsic value using the Gordon growth dividend discount model
Examine the free cash flow to equity valuation model
Describe enterprise value multiples and their use in estimating equity value
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of different valuation models


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The course is very helpful for the beginner as well as experienced. The course is full of valuable information which we do not get anywhere.
Need more examples to make it easy to understand for those people who are not having commerce background
The visuals helped greatly in understanding
Informative course. Doing well keep it up.
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Ivan Kitov

“Valuation is not simply a numerical analysis. It takes skill and judgment to choose the right valuation model for the inputs you have. ”

Ivan Kitov

COO at 365 Data Science

Fundamentals of Equity Valuation

with Ivan Kitov

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