LBO Modeling in Excel

with Ned Krastev

A comprehensive hands-on guide to leveraged buyout valuation. Learn how to create an LBO model in Excel from scratch.

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Course Overview

Do you want to learn the ins and outs of an exciting acquisition strategy? Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your financial modeling skills? This LBO Modeling in Excel course is the perfect fit for you. It combines leveraged buyout theory with two hands-on case studies that bridge LBO theory and the practical application needed when working in a real-world environment. Understanding the mechanics and details behind a leveraged buyout deal can be rewarding for every finance professional. These are complex transactions involving different financial instruments, covenants, and structures. Therefore, this LBO Modeling in Excel course is an excellent choice for professional development and continuous learning. The two extensive LBO case studies you’ll partake in have different difficulty levels. The first one represents the so-called ‘paper LBO’—a simple one-page financial model that’s easy to understand and suitable for beginners. (A frequently asked task in investment banking interviews is creating a paper LBO financial model). The second model we’ll create (step-by-step) together is significantly more complicated. It involves calculating transaction fees and goodwill, creating a fixed asset roll forward, P&L, Balance sheet, cash flow, equity, and debt schedule. This involves a greater level of detail than the paper LBO model. This task will help you improve your financial modeling skills by working on a sophisticated multi-layered LBO valuation. This LBO modeling course is highly recommended if you wish to pursue a career in investment banking or investment analysis. It teaches you concepts and skills that are frequently asked about during the recruitment process.

Topics covered


What You'll Learn

In this LBO Modeling in Excel course, theory and practice go hand in hand. We introduce the fundamental approach behind leveraged buyouts (LBOs) and work on practical case studies that will reinforce theoretical concepts and teach you how to create an LBO model in an authentic work environment.

Know how an LBO works
Understand debt capacity and calculate a firm’s maximum debt capacity
Determine an LBO price and possible LBO exit strategies
Build a paper LBO model
Create a complete LBO model with a fixed asset rollforward, debt and equity schedule, and revolver loan modeling
Obtain a sensitivity table that shows sponsors’ IRR in different scenarios


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Sophisticated LBO model was indeed very massive, it's great that we walked through it consequentially and in detail.
The course is very excellent as well as the instructor teaching style.
Excellent content. Simple and easy to follow and understand.
Very good course. Thanks for provide it free
hard to underestand for non financial's
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Ned Krastev

“Questions related to LBO theory and modeling are some of the most frequently asked in investment banking and investment analyst interviews. This course will help you prepare for these challenges so that you can be at ease during your interviews and first days on the job.”

Ned Krastev

CEO at 365 Data Science

LBO Modeling in Excel

with Ned Krastev

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