Who Does What in Finance

with Ned Krastev

Unlock the complexities of financial services in this intro to finance course. A concise overview of the different roles in finance and the finance products companies need throughout their lifecycle.

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Course Overview

This introduction to finance is perfect for those just getting started in finance or who want to make a career switch. Learn why companies need financial services in every stage of their development. Understand how a finance team is structured and the duties of those who work in corporate finance, compliance, commercial banking, investment banking, asset management, auditing, and consulting. We’ll review the internal finance operations a company needs to manage its business and the external interactions with financial institutions and service providers. This intro to finance course recounts the exciting story of two friends starting their own businesses. On their journey, they realize financial resources are the fuel to determine whether their company is successful. You’ll witness how a firm builds its finance team in different stages of development. Naturally, business needs evolve in each step of a company’s growth path. Therefore, professionals with other degrees of specialization need to be involved. Moreover, this story gives you a glimpse into what it’s like to pitch venture capital investors, work with commercial banks, negotiate M&A deals, assist auditors, and partner with investment bankers. Discover the world of finance in an entertaining and captivating rollercoaster story that will spark your desire to learn more.

Topics covered

Finance Fundamentals

What You'll Learn

This intro to finance allows you to understand the big picture before you start and learn core finance terminology:

Gain an in-depth understanding of the various duties and roles of a firm’s finance team
Learn about the different types of financing a company needs throughout its development
Familiarize yourself with key finance terminology in various contexts
Acquire a solid understanding of the different investment funds and their respective business models
Distinguish between commercial and investment banking operations and understand these organizations’ services
Develop awareness of the different stages in an M&A deal and IPO listing


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    This intro to finance course is structured as a single video because it tells the story of two friends who started their own businesses. You can witness their journey and learn about the different finance roles and services a company needs throughout its development.

    Intro to finance Free
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This course has excellent content on "Who does what in Finance." I learned a great deal of information throughout. I loved the storytelling part of the course, including the infographic. It became more enjoyable for me when I learned that storytelling focused on Entrepreneurial Finance & stages. It came to me handier as. I am learning about VCs, Angel Investors, Bridge round, and further. Loved it! <3 :D Looking forward to learn other Finance courses!
I really liked this lesson as it gives an overview of all the actors in the finance world and how they are connected. Some remarks would be that the audio seems sometimes cut and one calculation for the equity share bought (20%) was wrong inversing the numerator (amount lent 28M) with the denominator (total valuation of the company 140M).
It was awesome! I like how clear the explanation throughout the story however, it was a bit too long. Maybe dividing the video into mini-videos by dividing it based on the stages that borse & scarpe's underwent would be nice.
Amazing story telling combined with engaging visuals and clear explanation of fundamental concepts. Way to go for my favorite site to learn about Data Science and now, the finance world!
Never expected to finish a more than an hour lecture in one shot. Such amazing skill in story telling to teach and deliver the knowledge. A real shout out to the tutors on this!!
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“The world of finance is boring only if you don’t understand it. Once you do, few things are more exciting. ”

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Who Does What in Finance

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