Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

with Ned Krastev

A hands-on guide to DCF theory and modeling: how to value companies in the real world

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Course Overview

Discounted Cash Flow valuation is the cornerstone of modern valuation theory—an intellectual exercise that requires business acumen, financial modeling skills, and a solid grasp of company valuation know-how. Whether you’re a financial analyst, an investment banker, or an investment analyst, our Discounted Cash Flow Valuation course will teach you a fundamental skill that is highly sought-after in the finance world. This practical course straightforwardly introduces the theory behind DCF modeling. These lessons address the two key factors that drive company value, the importance of a business from an investor’s perspective, calculating a firm’s future cash flows, the discount rate for the time value of money, calculating the average weighted cost of capital, and obtaining a businesses’ value after the explicit forecast period. You’ll learn the fundamental theory behind Discounted Cash Flow valuation in less than one hour. You'll apply your theoretical knowledge in the second part of the course and practice your DCF modeling skills in Excel, skipping no steps. In addition—to account for ambiguity—we'll build a few different scenarios into the model, allowing users to switch between them effortlessly. All of this will help you uncover the fair value of businesses through fundamental analysis, which will prove to be an indispensable skill throughout your career

Topics covered

DCFExcelFinancial ModelingValuation

What You'll Learn

The Discounted Cash Flow Valuation course teaches you the fundamental principles of company valuation via a hands-on approach. Each lesson is focused on the practical skills needed to build a DCF model.

Understand the two key drivers of company value
Calculate Unlevered Free Cash Flow (UFCF)
Obtain a company’s cost of equity and cost of debt
Discount projected cash flows with the appropriate discount rate
Assess a firm’s terminal value stepping on Gordon’s Dividend Discount Model (DDM) formula
Find a company’s Equity and Enterprise value


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it is the best course to study from here. I recommend everyone to study from here. I was unable to study from here but when 365 financial analyst made some free to watch i got a chance to study from here
I feel like the excel part in segments creates confusion instead of so many small parts, it should have been just been in a few major parts
The quality of the explanation and presentation but don't present how to determine WACC
Im totally enjoying the lessons, the break down of each concept makes it easy to learn
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Ned Krastev

“DCF valuation is the core fundamental analysis technique that allows us to measure company value. It’s an essential and fascinating tool focused on a company’s true intrinsic value rather than the current market sentiment for its business.”

Ned Krastev

CEO at 365 Data Science

Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

with Ned Krastev

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