Introduction to Industry and Company Analysis

with Ivan Kitov

Unlock the secrets of successful industry and company analysis with our expert-led course. Learn how to analyze the firm-specific and industry factors that determine company prosperity. Explore the impact of industry capacity, barriers to entry, and concentration on pricing power.

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Course Overview

Have you ever wondered what tools companies use to survive the fierce competition in today’s business environment? Our Introduction to Industry and Company Analysis course answers this question. We start with the basics. First, we explore the uses of industry analysis, then, we learn to group firms and work with the industry classification systems. Next, we examine the factors that determine the firms' sensitivity to the business cycle and learn to create a “peer group” using the company’s industry classification. Throughout the industry and company analysis course, we cover the elements of comprehensive industry analysis and the principles of industry strategic analysis. After covering the basics, we examine the effects of industry capacity, barriers to entry, and industry concentration on companies’ pricing power. In addition, we study the industry life cycle models and learn to categorize industries according to the five main stages: embryonic, growth, shakeout, mature, and decline. The course continues with the more practical aspects of industry analysis by comparing the characteristics of representative industries. Towards the end of the industry and company analysis course, we examine the economic determinants that affect an industry’s revenues and profits, such as GDP growth, level of interest rates, and inflation. To conclude, we summarize the elements that should be covered in a thorough company analysis. Master the art of industry and company analysis with our comprehensive course—ideal for financial analysts and investment professionals seeking to upskill. Enroll today and join a community of experts committed to success.

Topics covered

Finance Fundamentalsfinancial analysisInvestment Analysis

What You'll Learn

This course will help you understand why the industry a firm operates in is crucial for company analysis. Most importantly, you will:

Examine the key factors for industry analysis
Use the industry life cycle model
Analyze the factors that drive industry competition, also known as Michael Porter’s five forces
Explore the approaches to identifying similar companies
Describe the effects of industry concentration, barriers to entry, industry capacity, and market share stability on pricing power and price competition
Learn the factors that influence individual companies


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I think the lesson is well prepared for someone pursuing MBA I appreciate the flow but I think it should be more flexible to cater for people without deep knowledge on the subject matter.
It's an amazing course. Those who are in CFA Level 1 able to understand this topic and it covers 1 reading entire chapter.
The course is details about industry and company analysis. Hope to apply the skill for my organisation.
The course is very helpful and gives a lucid explanation for almost all the complex topics within it.
Still the course is quite short and with little practice.
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Ivan Kitov

“The process of determining the economic value of a business starts with industry and company analysis.”

Ivan Kitov

COO at 365 Data Science

Introduction to Industry and Company Analysis

with Ivan Kitov

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