Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

with Ned Krastev

Unlock the secrets of accounting and financial statement analysis and take your career to the next level. Through hands-on instructions, practical examples, and real-life business case studies, you'll learn the fundamental concepts and techniques used in accounting and financial analysis.

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Course Overview

This Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis course will guide you through the basics of bookkeeping, the main accounting principles, and the practical applications of financial statement analysis. Accounting is an essential skill for people pursuing a career in finance and a vital function for businesses. Accounting experts help track revenue and expenses, ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, and provide internal and external stakeholders with the quantitative financial information needed for decision-making. In this Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis course, you will learn how to book real business transactions and assess their impact on a company’s financial performance. We cover the meaning of debits and credits, T-accounts, accrual accounting, cash flow computations, and the importance of timing of payments. Next, we touch on the essence of financial statement analysis and the most common types of ratios tracked by investors, including activity, profitability, liquidity, solvency, and valuation ratios. Finally, we demonstrate the practical applications of accounting and financial statement analysis with several extensive case studies. By the end of this Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis course, you will be able to book basic accounting transactions, prepare core financial statements, and analyze the financial indicators of real-life companies, such as P&G, Tesla, and others. Sign up now to enhance your finance career and master the art of accounting and financial statement analysis!

Topics covered

AccountingExcelFinancial ModelingFinancial Statements AnalysisRatio Analysis

What You'll Learn

In this Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis course, you will learn;

The fundamental concepts of accounting and bookkeeping
The three core financial statements and their main elements
The process of getting from individual accounting transactions to complete financial statements
How to construct an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement from scratch
The importance of financial reporting and financial analysis
Various financial ratios and how to use them in practice


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Amazing course, i'm opportune to take this course free for limited time i wish it could stay longer for me to absorb all that is in here. Thanks to instructor Ned, well explanatory and enjoyable. The graphics illustrations are amazing it help me wants to learn more. Please extend the duration, smile.
It is very useful and add huge knowledge through discussing main aspects in accounting and finance to help the business information stakeholdrs understand how they efficiently work andwhat are the right decisions we have to take and protect us from the companies fraud.
Very thorough. I wish there were more examples and worksheets to practice. I felt the tests were too simple and the explanations for incorrect answers did not always explain the correct answer thoroughly.
The course materials are excellent as are easy to understand very nicely explained easily understandable very much appreciated thanks for your great work keep up the great work
The accounting concepts are very concise and real world examples are given. This course will help anyone to built the basic understanding of a company accounting & finance.
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Ned Krastev

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Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis

with Ned Krastev

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