Introduction to Excel

with Ned Krastev

Even in data science, smaller datasets are processed quicker in Excel rather than Python, R, or SQL. This course gives you the skills you need to crunch numbers in the number one spreadsheet program.

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Course Overview

Microsoft Excel is the #1 productivity software in the world. A huge amount of data comes in a spreadsheet format, so an analyst needs Excel in their arsenal. This course will teach you all the Excel skills you need to perform multi-layered calculations, create charts, manipulate data, look up functions, and more!

Topics covered

data analysisdata visualizationExcel

What You'll Learn

Every data analyst needs Excel in their arsenal. This course will teach you how to apply various Excel techniques for performing calculations, data manipulations, analyses, and more!

Understand Excel best practices
Navigate spreadsheets professionally 
Use keyboard shortcuts 
How to use Excel functions 
Insert and format different types of charts 
Work with pivot tables 


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As a total beginner in this field, I feel like I couldn't follow entirely with all the terms. I recommend adding to course information which courses are recommended to follow before this one. Furthermore, the location of the exam within the course should be changed, as already suggested in the comments. Lastly, I wasn't fan of how the videos had various styles instead of sticking to one style, and the last video also repeats information that was taught in an earlier video. It would be good to pay attention to this sort of things when making changes to courses. Overall, I did learn a lot of new things in Excel. I could follow it relatively well considering I have no background in this field.
I find the course delivery to be impressively clear and systematic. The deliberate pace of instruction is particularly beneficial for someone like me, who is not a native English speaker and possesses a modest level of English proficiency. The step-by-step approach to learning Excel has made it much more accessible, helping me grasp complex concepts effectively. As I continue with the course, I'm confident that I will acquire a strong foundation in Excel, thanks to this well-structured learning experience.
The course is insightful, educating and interesting. i like the fact that the videos are short and explanatory. straight to the point. it is a good way to learn really catching up fast. the point of a course is to understand and acquire knowledge, i can say for a fact, the videos are doing justice to that. thanks for the avenue.
It is a very good course that is suitable even for people who are not fluent in English. Everything is explained, and it is impossible to make a mistake and get the same result as the presenter. In addition, there is a lot of material to practice and the exams are also a nice way to reinforce what you have learned.
The only problem I find is that the lessons are kind of disconnected, if I learn one thing, then I have to wait a lot lessons apart to know further how it is helpful. The tests also cover stuff we have not learned in the module, it is only in the next module I find what needed to be done in the previous test.
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Ned Krastev

“The ability to work effectively and efficiently with a spreadsheet software is one of the most valuable skills you can acquire at the beginning of your career. Excel is a must for anyone who wants to work with data and share their work with colleagues.”

Ned Krastev

CEO at 365 Data Science

Introduction to Excel

with Ned Krastev

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