Financial Planning and Analysis in Excel Project

Building StellarGrowth’s 5-Year Income Statement Budget advanced

With Antoniya Baltova

Type: Skill Track project

Duration: 8 Hours

Case Description

StellarGrowth Co. is a dynamic and innovative consumer goods company that provides high-quality products for individuals and families. With a strong focus on meeting the diverse needs of its customers, StellarGrowth has established itself as a trusted brand in the market. It has five major revenue streams:

  • Personal care
  • Home care
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Leisure and entertainment
  • Baby & Kids


While following a stringent financial plan, StellarGrowth keeps its revenue streams only if they generate positive revenue growth. A stream will be discontinued if revenue growth declines for two consecutive years.

In this Financial Planning and Analysis in Excel project, you’re given the latest StellarGrowth financial statements and a set of assumptions. Based on this information, you must construct different financial planning schedules for the next year. 

Project requirements

To complete this project, please install Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.

Project files

You are provided with a list StellarGrowth's employees (by department and function) and the assumptions needed to build the company's budget.
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Project content
  • 1 Project file
  • Guided and unguided instructions
  • Part 1: Construct the Payroll Budget
  • Part 2: Construct the Revenue & COGS Budgets
  • Part 3: Construct the Training & Development Budget
  • Part 4: Construct the P&L Budget
  • Quiz
Topics covered
Financial Analysis Budgeting