Analyzing Syngenta’s 2022 Financial Statements Project

Reading Syngenta AG’s Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement free advanced

With Antoniya Baltova

Type: Career Track project

Duration: 8 Hours

Case Description

Syngenta AG is a Swiss-based global company, a leader in the agricultural business. It operates in several markets (crop protection, seeds, professional solutions, and flowers) in over 90 countries as of 2022.

General economic conditions, weather patterns, commodity crop prices, and currency exchange rates influence Syngenta’s performance. Government policies—such as agricultural product regulation, genetically modified seeds usage, and crop planting zones—can also impact Syngenta's industry.

In this Syngenta's 2022 Financial Statements project, suppose you’re a financial analyst covering Syngenta AG. Your task is to find Syngenta’s 2022 financial statements, transfer the information to an Excel file, and analyze its performance based only on published financial information.

Project requirements

To complete this project, please install Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.

Project files

You have a PDF version of Syngenta AG's 2022 Financial Report
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Project content
  • 1 Project file
  • Guided and unguided instructions
  • Part 1: Download Syngenta’s 2022 Financial Report
  • Part 2: Analyze Syngenta’s Revenue
  • Part 3: Analyze Syngenta’s Profitability
  • Part 4: Analyze Syngenta’s Liquidity
  • Part 5: Analyze Syngenta’s Total Equity
  • Quiz
Topics covered
Financial Analysis