Analyzing AppleDot’s Financial Ratios Project

Assessing AppleDot’s Performance, Efficiency, Liquidity, Solvency, and Valuation metrics intermediate

With Antoniya Baltova

Type: Course project

Duration: 8 Hours

Case Description

AppleDot Ltd is a technology company that operates in the consumer electronics industry. It designs, develops, and sells various innovative devices and services, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, software applications, and digital media players. AppleDot has a global presence—known for its commitment to high-quality products and customer satisfaction.

In this Financial Ratio Analysis Excel project, you’re given AppleDot’s latest financial statements (Income Statement and Balance Sheet), as well as relevant industry average multiples.

You must evaluate and comment on AppleDot’s financial performance and compare it to the industry average. 

Project requirements

To complete this project, please install Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.

Project files

In this Excel file, you are provided with AppleDot’s Balance Sheet and Income Statement for the latest financial year. You are also given the relevant industry average multiples.
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Project content
  • 1 Project file
  • Guided and unguided instructions
  • Part 1: Create a Ratio Analysis Framework
  • Part 2: Calculate Financial Ratios
  • Part 3: Interpret the Results
  • Quiz
Topics covered
Financial Analysis Ratio Analysis