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Career track 1
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Career track 1

Financial Analyst

Learn everything you need to build a successful financial analysis career. Acquire robust accounting, financial planning, analysis, and reporting skills.

01 Introduction to Excel 83 lessons

02 Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis 55 lessons

03 Fundamentals of Financial Reporting 61 lessons

04 Building a 3-Statement Model in Excel 19 lessons

05 FP&A: Building a Company's Budget 38 lessons

06 Financial Ratio Analysis 19 lessons

07 Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables 19 lessons

08 Introduction to Industry and Company Analysis 16 lessons

09 Fundamentals of Equity Valuation 19 lessons

10 Who Does What in Finance 1 lessons

Career track 3
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Career track 3

Investment Banker

Gain the skills to research and assess potential investment opportunities and become a sought-after investment analyst or associate.

01 Investment Banking 45 lessons

02 Introduction to Excel 83 lessons

03 Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis 55 lessons

04 Corporate Finance 79 lessons

05 Discounted Cash Flow Valuation 39 lessons

06 LBO Modeling in Excel 50 lessons

07 Multiples Valuation 13 lessons

08 Introduction to Industry and Company Analysis 16 lessons

09 Fundamentals of Equity Valuation 19 lessons

10 Who Does What in Finance 1 lessons

Career track 2
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Career track 2

Investment Analyst

Prepare for this demanding career by learning financial modeling, investment banking, and corporate finance.

01 Math for Finance 34 lessons

02 Introduction to Excel 83 lessons

03 Corporate Finance 79 lessons

04 Discounted Cash Flow Valuation 39 lessons

05 Fundamentals of Financial Markets 63 lessons

06 Portfolio Management 79 lessons

07 Fixed Income Investments 38 lessons

08 Introduction to Industry and Company Analysis 16 lessons

09 Fundamentals of Equity Valuation 19 lessons

10 Who Does What in Finance 1 lessons

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I didn't know anything about Investment Banking when I started this course. The course is structured in a very interesting and engaging way, that makes it easy to understand, and easy to remember. I highly recommend taking it as I now have a brilliant understanding of the Banking world.

Kian P. Germany

The course was very informative and engaging. Definitely applaud the tutor for his great effort in explaining everything so clearly and simply. I've become more interested in corporate finance since starting this course. Highly recommended!

Trang Pakistan

Great course. Starts from the basics for those with little or no experience but ends up going pretty deep in the concepts. Particularly liked the valuation and modeling part. It is hard to find courses that actually teach how to model an LBO.

Rodrigo Leitao Rodrigues D. Columbia


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Juanita O. Juanita O.
Wow! This is exactly the kind of information I am looking for! Very detailed (which is very helpful!), engaging, polished, all-in-all makes for an amazing learning experience!
Mohammed A. Mohammed A.
Just a week into the training and learnt some new formulas in excel which I didn’t know existed until now. I am enjoying the accounting and financial modelling part. Overall the learning experience has been amazing..
Akshat J. Akshat J.
I am new to finance, and this course gave me a wide variety of knowledge about many financial concepts out there. I recommend this course to everyone as anyone can follow along without prior knowledge.
Felicia W. Felicia W.
Amazing Course! The material is presented in a very easy to follow manner and is very detailed. Best Course out here for learning EXCEL skills in order to be a master financial analyst, and definitely worth the price!
Snehadri N. Snehadri N.
Great course. This course has helped me a lot in gaining knowledge in finance, accounting, business analysis, advanced MS excel, and PowerPoint. Highly recommended.
Ashley A. Ashley A.
It has really helped me gain more knowledge on finances. It’s one of my best decision to take on this course, MUST TRY.....I do recommend it to check it out, it’s definitely going to help you out in the long run.
Daniel E. Daniel E.
This course is absolutely complete to make you an enviable staff with great skill in a typical finance and accounts department of any company. I always run back to it for refreshing my excel skills.
Namita K. Namita K.
This an excellent course for anyone planning to pursue career in Finance domains, be it as an Analyst or Investment Banking. It explains all the concepts from very basics and has excellent notes in the course resources as well. The mentors even answer to the doubts in the QnA section, a rare thing to find on online mode of education.
Dinesh K. Dinesh K.
This is the best course a student aspiring to become a financial analyst can ask for. It covers all the basics, many advanced topics, and on top of all of that contains plenty of real time case studies. Most of all this is very affordable.
Aryan R. Aryan R.
All the financial aspects such as excel, accounting and finance are closely integrated. And, I can sense this early that, this is going to be a beautiful learning journey for me.
Ayasha A. Ayasha A.
This course is really good and each concept is explained very clearly. Quiz at the end of all sections is also helpful in a way to get our concepts and application of functions more crystal clear.
Kashish S. Kashish S.
Apart from learning excel and being a commerce student myself I never thought that accounting can be this interesting as Im not a number person. We were never given practical examples regarding all this at university as we have all the theoretical knowledge. Great Course
Rajreet C. Rajreet C.
Really intuitive and engaging. Would highly recommend this course to graduates & working professionals who are looking for a deeper knowledge into financial analysis. Helps in honing your excel skills too!
Emmanuel M. Emmanuel M.
The course was very well structured and presented. The instructor broke down complex topics to a digestible and easy-to-understand manner. I especially enjoyed the tips & tricks information on the Microsoft Office tools as this was easily applicable in the real office world
Aniket G. Aniket G.
Excellent course for a novice. Some issues require a more extensive explanation since a newbie will find it difficult to grasp in a single sitting. Its jam-packed with useful information.
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