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10 Mar 2021

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04 Mar 2021


Why is the sum for FY2018 not 0 in the video?

For the other two years (FY2016 and FY2017), after making the net income negative, the sum of their respective columns for amounts was zero, but for FY2018, the sum showed 1.7792E-09 instead. In the excel sheet file it shows the same thing. Does that mean there was a mistake in transferring the data? If so why isn't it corrected in the video?

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Posted on:

10 Mar 2021


Hi Mohamed,
Thanks so much for reaching out. I'm happy to explain.
This is due to an Excel bug, which happens from time to time. The number which you see is negligible --> it is something like 0.000000017792. Not sure how Excel came up with that. But please when you see such a value in your check, simply neglect it --> it is the same as 0 and means that you worked correctly.

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