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02 Feb 2024

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02 Feb 2024


Resolved: Question understanding

Could you provide more explanation about this question?

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02 Feb 2024


Hi Arsene!

Thanks for reaching out!

Think of variance as measuring how spread out numbers are from the mean. If all numbers are the same, the variance is 0 because they are not spread out at all. The more different the numbers are from each other and the mean, the higher the variance.

Standard deviation is like the sibling of variance but easier to interpret. It also measures the spread of numbers, but it is in the same units as the numbers themselves. For example, if you are measuring height in meters, variance will be in square meters, while standard deviation will be in meters, making it easier to understand. Essentially, standard deviation is the square root of variance.

If you need more explanation on anything specific, just let us know.



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