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09 Aug 2023

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08 Nov 2022


Please correct question 4

It's not clear what's the woman's decision. The hypothesis are there but for me it is not clear what the woman did - reject or accept the null hypothesis.

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30 Dec 2022


Hello. The test result rejects the null hypothesis, while it's true (=she's not pregnant)

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06 Mar 2023


it clearly says that null hypothesis is women is not pregnant and in reality women is not pregnant so that means null hypothesis is true but in the test it says she is pregnant that means we are rejecting the true null hypothesis so we are making the type I error here.

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09 Aug 2023


@Petko I understand your question clearly. even me, at first, I thought this was type 2 error, but I have seen its type 1 error. this is how

First, it is the null hypothesis which is either accepted or rejected.

the null hypothesis was:

I am not pregnant

the alternative hypothesis is

I am pregnant

when the results came, it turned out that she is pregnant when she is not. we assume that she accepted the results

so, she ended up 

Rejected a true null hypothesis

Hence, she committed type 1 error

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