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16 Mar 2021

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16 Mar 2021


Multiple by 1? Having doubt in multiplying the whole column with 1

How can we multiply the whole column by 1 like in the video u did?
Its not explained clearly. Do we have to multiply each cell of the column separately by 1?
Please explain

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16 Mar 2021


Hi Ghoushad,

Yes, precisely. But we can do this in a very fast way. All you need to do is use Excel shortcuts.

Please do the following.
Use the Ctrl + Down arrow shortcut key to go to the bottom of the table.
Add a symbol in the empty column like an 'x' or something (doesn't really matter).
Then use Ctrl + Up arrow to go back to the top.
Then multiply by 1 in the first cell and copy the formula.
After you do that you can press Ctrl + Shift + Down arrow to select everything in the empty column up until the 'x' which you added.
And then use Ctrl + V, please. this way you'll be able to multiply by 1 the entire column in no time.
Hope this helps!

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