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07 Feb 2024

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07 Feb 2024


Error in formula code for exercise 50 (using index and match together)

The solved solution indexes the entire table array, which means you will need to manually input the column number for each new column entry (as in vlookup). However, this defeats the purpose of using index and match together over vlookup. Instead the index array should refer only to the source column array and fix the row reference. Then, this will allow the whole table to be filled in intuitively.

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07 Feb 2024


Dear Kerry,

It's a pleasure to hear from you, and I appreciate your feedback.

I believe the objective was to illustrate the necessity of using MATCH. As you astutely pointed out, without MATCH, the INDEX function requires manual input of the column number. However, by integrating INDEX with MATCH, we can streamline the process and automate it. I hope this explanation clarifies our approach.

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