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11 Apr 2022

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05 Apr 2022


Where is python installation video?

It is becoming really frustrtating to navigate through courses on your website now? where is the how to install python video?

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Posted on:

11 Apr 2022


Hi Hassan!

Thanks for reaching out.

We are sorry to hear about your frustration. We are constantly trying to improve the experience of taking our Programme, so we are taking a note here.
I believe the video you are looking for is the one we've placed in the Jupyter course. Since we are using the Jupyter environment for our Python courses, we thought it is worth separating the relevant lectures in a separate unit. This helps people that are already acquainted with the software start the Python lessons directly, without having to skip lessons withing the Python courses. In any case, as already mentioned, we are taking a note nevertheless.
Can you please confirm if the following video is the one you are looking for? It is about installing Anaconda, which is the Distribution that contains Jupyter as soon as you install the former. Thank you.

Hope this helps.

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