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16 Mar 2022

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16 Feb 2022


Resolved: Introduction to Python: Query Regarding Missing Lessons

Hi, I just started learning Python, the first video is great and in the it said that you are going to explain how to set up coding environment & basics of python, but I think those lessons are missing in this course. And I read previous questions asked by someone citing the same problem and you replied him to go to "Introduction to Jupyter" course, I saw the course details and found out that the course actual duration is 33 minutes but mentioned as 1 hour in the course details, I don't know if there are any missing lessons or not. Kindly address these issues.
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27 Feb 2022


In the course of Introduction of jupyter, it is mention that when you install annaconda package ; it comes with both python and jupyter notebook. You do not have to do any type of changes in python after installation.
Then start the jupyter notebook and learn from the video of this course about how to use jupyter notebook.

Note:- According to me, the time of course is mentioned(in first image uploaded by you) in rounded figure.

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16 Mar 2022


Hi Pammi and Shashank!

Thanks for reaching out!

@Pammi: Thank you for asking this question - indeed, we've made changes to the organizations to the course content, so 1) you shouldn't expect any Jupyter-related video(s) in the Introduction to Python course. Also, 2) the Introduction to Jupyter course is 33 minutes long, there are no missing videos.
Therefore, please consider that currently the course duration is rounded up or down by the half an hour. We realise this rounding makes a significance to the Introduction to Jupyter course, but most of our courses are significantly longer, so we have currently adopted this type of rounding.

@Shashank: Thank you very much for your contribution to this thread! It is all indeed as you explain!

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

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