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25 Aug 2022

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25 Aug 2022


Right joins option

Hi Ned,
In the video, we did the Left joins was because the Audiobook Sales data was on the left. If we move the Audiobook Sales table to the right and then do the Right joins, we should get the same outcome, correct?

Also, when did the Left joins, the preview table looked a bit different than that of in the video ( Audiobook Reviews columns with some null values).
Is it ok?

Thanks a lot,
M.Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 10.49.35 AM.png

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25 Aug 2022


Hi Maay,
Good to hear from you!
As to the first question - yes, that's correct. You're right.
Please don't worry about the null values - this is a matter of how Tableau displays the data. The rows below are not null.

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