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02 Oct 2022

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23 Jul 2021


Resolved: Re-sizing a pie chart on tableau for mac

Resizing a pie chart instructions given in the video don't seem to be working on tableau for mac. At the moment I clicked on the option on top and clicked on Entire View.

But is there a way to resize a pie-chart on tableau for mac.

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Posted on:

25 Jul 2021


Hi James,
Good to hear from you.
Would you like to send me a screenshot, please? Aren't you able to drag the corner of the pie chart and adjust its size?

Posted on:

26 Jul 2021


Hi Ned,

Please see screenshot below. As per the video, I clicked on the workspace and then tried re-sizing by using the Ctrl and arrow keys on the macbook. But there was no response.

I even tried the Ctrl + Shift option as well.


Posted on:

28 Aug 2021


Hold down Shift + Command and press B several times

Posted on:

02 Oct 2022


Also, to make it smaller press Command + B

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