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19 Nov 2023

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16 Nov 2023


Resolved: How to calculate the p-value manually at 4.08?

Hello! For my question, I have gone through the previous posts and their responses. I understand that by using an online calculator or applying the MS Excel command I can get the result, 0.304.

My question is how to calculate it manually using the table?

We have got T-score as 0.53

The value from the T-table is 1.833

So, as per the previous lecture, for a one-sided test ;

p-value = 1 - (the number obtained from the table) 

=> p-value = 1- 1.833 => -0.833. But the value shown is 0.304

Is there a different approach to calculate p-value, in this case? 

Thanks in advance

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19 Nov 2023



To calculate the p-value from a T-score of 0.53 using a t-table:

1. Find the cumulative probability for the T-score of 0.53 in the t-table.
2. For a one-sided test, the p-value is 1−1− this cumulative probability.
3. The value of 1.833 you mentioned is likely a critical value for a specific confidence level, not directly related to calculating the p-value.
4. The correct p-value calculation involves using the cumulative probability from the table, not subtracting the critical value from 1.
If you're getting a p-value of 0.304, it suggests that the cumulative probability found in the table for a T-score of 0.53 is around 0.696, and thus 1−0.696=0.3041−0.696=0.304.

Hope this helps!

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