XLOOKUP – Excel Template

Ned Krastev
Ned Krastev

XLOOKUP is a function which Microsoft introduced in 2019. It is as easy to use as VLOOKUP but remedies the biggest flaw of VLOOKUP – XLOOKUP can be used when the lookup value is to the right.

XLOOKUP has a total of 5 arguments, but we don’t really need them all the time. In most situations, the function can work well with 3 – lookup value, lookup array, return array. It is very easy to use. The lookup value is the value to be found in the source table. The lookup array is the array where we want to find the lookup value. The results array contains the value that will be returned once the lookup value is found in the lookup array.

Some other related topics you might be interested to explore are VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and INDEX&MATCH.

This is an open-access Excel template in XLSX format that will be useful for anyone who wants to work as a Financial Analyst, Business Analyst, and for everyone who works with a spreadsheet software.

You can now download the Excel template for free.