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26 Jan 2023

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25 Jan 2023


Why are we making these formatting changes?

It is easy to follow what to do in the "Initial Formatting is Key for Creating Professional-looking spreadsheets" but this video would be much better if it explained why the choices that were made actually make it look more professional.So I have three questions in particular:
What makes Arial more professional looking than Calibri?
Why use a 9 point font (rather than 8 or 10, or even the default 11)?
Why are we making column A so narrow?

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26 Jan 2023


Hi Brad,
Good to hear from you!
This is just how we formatted sheets in Pwc. In most cases, corporations adopt their own branding guidelines and use them consistently across all firms. Of course, there can be many ways to format a spreadsheet. The point is that this is one of them and I hoped by showing this students will drift away from Excel's default formatting.
Hope this makes sense!

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