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14 Nov 2021

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12 Nov 2021


Problem with the exercise

Hi, I have a problem with the exercise, I do the same commands as the solution document and the program returns me this error, also I tried to change the number 2 for 3 in the solution document and they present the same error, I'm not sure whats is wrong, can you help me? Thank you


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Posted on:

14 Nov 2021


Hi Alejandra!

Thanks for reaching out.

Can you please confirm that you have not restarted the kernel/this Jupyter Notebook while running the code? The error message is saying that upon the execution of the second and third cells, you have not created an object called 'Menu', which is what you can do by executing the first cell beforehand.

Hope this helps but please feel free to get back to us should you need further assistance. Thank you.

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