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16 Aug 2021

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14 Aug 2021


I was trying to solve the exercise but could not get the answer.

I tried doing the exercise but could not get the answer.

I am pasting my code, please let me know what is my mistake.

def count(numbers):
    total = 0
    while numbers[total] < 20:
        print (total =+ 1)
    return total

Also, why can't I use statements like

while x in nums:
  print total =+1
return total

Whats wrog with this code ?

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Posted on:

16 Aug 2021


Hi Taufiq!

Thanks for reaching out.

In both examples, you are trying to increment a value (i.e. the value of 1) to a variable in the argument of a print function, while you need to do that outside the print function (still in the while loop). Please correct this and retry running the functions.

Hope this helps.

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