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09 Nov 2022

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16 Jul 2022


Clarifications on Year/Quarter function

Hello Team,

I hope my question and observation is clearly passed acrossed.

Please clarify the difference between both function when creating the table. A previous lecture on Hierarchies has the function for Quarter/Year as

                                 ''Quarter/Year'', "Q" & format([Date], ''Q'') &''/''& format([Date], ''YYYY'')).

While our current lecture on Task Three, Part1 has the function for YearQuarter as

                                 "YearQuarter" format([Date], "YYYY") &"/Q"& format([Date]), "Q"))

Please help explain the highlighted section as displayed above or in both the attached. Or for simplicity can i just adopt one approach if they both have same output

Hierarchies - Quarter/Year functionTask Three, Part 1 - YearQuarter function

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03 Nov 2022


The difference consists in creating a date table (where you specify HOW each column is created - second option) versus creating a hierarchy from an existing column (first example, where you EDIT the way a previously created column is going to output) I hope this helps. This is the way I make sense of it. I may be wrong, though.

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09 Nov 2022


The only difference is in the order of the assembled parts of the output sentence.
Notice that "&" separates between the parts of the output sentence.

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