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04 Aug 2023

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14 Jan 2021


Resolved: We cannot accept null hypothesis, Sir.

"We can accept the null hypothesis" - this sentence is not true. There is no strong reason or proof to accept it but also, there is no strong reason to reject it. So, we say, we cannot reject the null hypothesis. Just I wanted to say this because I saw it in some academic articles. Thank you.

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16 Jan 2021


I agree.

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18 Jun 2021


Hello Idrak and Sitara!

Thanks for reaching out!

That's right! You are absolutely correct. It's just a poor choice of words but the result stands the same.

Thanks for noticing!

The 365 Team

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04 Aug 2023


So, instead of making a decision to accept H0, we should say that "we failed to reject the H0"

Because we still have no evidence showing that, H0 itself is TRUE or False, right?

Thank you!

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