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18 Feb 2022

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02 Nov 2021


The NULL HYPOTHEIS here should it be Uny-Ula >= 0.2?

please can you explain how to solve the question 'if the price of apples in NY  20% HIGHER than in LA

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p-value will be =.000403.
same results.
we need to one who understand it well

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11 Jan 2022



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18 Feb 2022


Hi Asmaa Abdulhamid.
Thanks for share your null hypothesis, you clear me on that.
Be careful with your formula to obtain T-score. It should be (F5-G5-0.2)/F10. Be careful with the parentheses because for me in this case, we have to reject the H0 as T-score is bigger than 4.
Check my results.

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