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04 Apr 2021

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21 Mar 2021


Resolved: Video is missing or the playlist isn't ordered properly.

"How to Build a Dynamic DimDate Table" the video is missing.
I can't find its particular video in the above 3 sections of this course.
The order of sections isn't proper, sections 3 uses DAX functionality, which will be taught in the next section. Please make sure to correct it, if I am correct.

And please provide the path to How to Build a Dynamic DimDate Table.
Can't find it anywhere.

Thank you.

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21 Mar 2021


Hi Vidhi,

Thanks for reaching out to us. The lecture that contains the dunamic dimDate table can be found inside the hierarchies lesson, where we show how to create a date hierarchy from scratch:

Kind Regards,
Dimitar Shutev

Posted on:

04 Apr 2021


Hi Dimitar,
Please fix the video content to point user to Hierarchy video rather than stating "How to Build a Dynamic DimDate Table"
What a waste of users' time without correct instruction.
Keep up the good work!
Kind Regards,
Frustrated Jack

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