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21 Mar 2023

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21 Mar 2023


Resolved: How can I RETAKE my exam?

How can I RETAKE my exam?

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21 Mar 2023


Hello Ian!

Thanks for reaching out!

Here is some information about the policy of retaking exams:

365 Financial Analyst offers three types of exams: practice, course, and career track. 

Practice Exams – You can retake practice exams as many times as you want without any restrictions and prerequisites. 

Course Exams – You can retake course exams an unlimited number of times. You are not required to watch all course lessons before your first attempt, but you must watch at least 30 minutes of its content to unlock it for a retake – even if you simply want to improve your score. 

Career Track Exams – If you score below 60% (fail) on your first attempt, you can retake the exam. You must watch at least 30 minutes of video content from any of the seven required and two elective courses to unlock the second attempt. If you fail again, however, the exam will remain locked for three months before your third attempt. If your third try is also unsuccessful, you’ll get a fourth and last attempt after another three months. 

We believe our extensive course materials lay a solid foundation of knowledge, so we currently have no score improvement option for career track exams. Once you get 60% or above, your score becomes unchangeable. So, make sure you’re confident in your skills before clicking on the “Start Exam” button. 

Hope this helps!

Let us know if you need any more information.


The 365 Team

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