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24 Mar 2021

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24 Mar 2021


Exercise file contains solutions

Hi, I was going through section 6 of introduction to python and the exercise file for 'Built-In Functions in Python Worth Knowing' has only some of the questions (more questions in the solutions file) and their solutions.

Here is the extended question list in case anyone sees this before checking the files:

1. Obtain the maximum number among the values 25, 65, 890, and 15.
2. Obtain the minimum number among the values 25, 65, 890, and 15.
3. Find the absolute value of -100
4. Round the value of 55.5. Did you obtain 56.0?
5. Round 35.56789 to the third digit.
6. Find the sum of all elements in the provided list, called "Numbers".
    Numbers = [1, 5, 64, 24.5]
7. Use a built-in function to raise 10 to the power of 3.
8. How many characters are there in the word "Elephant"?
9. Create a function, called "distance_from_zero", that returns the absolute
    value of a provided single argument and prints a statement "Not
    Possible" if the argument provided is not a number.
    Call the funtion with the values of -10 and "cat" to verify it works


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Posted on:

24 Mar 2021


Hi Callum!

Thanks for reaching out.

Thank you very much for pointing this out. I have already corrected the relevant Exercise.ipynb file and I believe it will take only a few hours before the update can take place in the website.

Hope this helps but please let us know if you need further assistance. Thank you.

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