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17 May 2024

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04 Apr 2024


Resolved: Doubts regarding the heading format


Firstly, Thanks for the amazing content.

As I've followed the steps from the video it worked as shown in the video. But, my question is as we choose the format from the cell and replace it with new format, why is it not applied for the heading row as it also has same formating.  

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08 Apr 2024


Hi! Good to hear from you. Thanks for enjoying the content of the course!

Even if just one of the formatting aspects of a cell is different than changes wouldn't be applied to it. In this case, i believe the header has a different font size and that is why we don't see any changes applied to it.



Posted on:

17 May 2024


Hi Ned!

im on a mac and after doing command H, it doesnt give me a drop down for " format " to be able to choose format from cell:(  

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