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06 Oct 2021

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04 Oct 2021


Couldn't manage to open the files after the lecture

I'm trying to open the files with the exercises, but it wrote me that I don't have the right program to open them.

I would be greateful if you could help.

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Posted on:

06 Oct 2021


Hello Nadezhda,

Thank you for your question. As far as I can see, all three files available (Lecture, Exercise and Solution) are .ipynb files. This means that these are Jupyter Notebook files and require you to access them via Jupyter. It might be the case that the 'Introduction to Python' course does not have a section dedicated to installing Anaconda (or Jupyter) -for that reason I would advise you to go through the 'Introduction to Jupyter' course - it is only about an hour, but you will learn everything you need to know about Jupyter and .ipynb files (of course, you will also learn how to install Jupyter, how to open and create these files and why they are so convenient).

If the problem persists afterwards, do let us know.

A. The 365 Team

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