Commodities Market Data

Ivan Kitov
Ivan Kitov

Below you can find a downloadable Excel file with currently updated historical price information related to commodities. The data we have provided displays commodities metrics derived from Yahoo Finance after the NYSE’s normal close (EST). It has been conveniently organized into five separate tabs for each commodity containing the opening and closing prices, the high as well as low points of that particular trading day, and finally, the total volume traded for the given date.

This is an essential source of information for anybody looking to perform analyze commodity prices. It provides a clear, invaluable basis for those looking to make comparisons of tradable commodities. The most attractive thing about this information is that it is all located in one download and conveniently accessible Excel spreadsheet for free. So, even those lacking the programming skills it would take to personally collect and translate the dataset would be able to access the aggregated data.

In this Excel download, you can find historical price information for the following commodities:

  • crude oil
  • coffee
  • gold
  • silver
  • copper
  • sugar
  • corn
  • cotton
  • wheat
  • natural gas

You can download the up-to-date data (provided in XLSX format containing five tabs).

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any losses that may be incurred due to decisions based on data provided on this page.

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