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Giving you the skills to create stunning dashboards using all Power BI features. Complete with practical tasks and real-life projects.

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Course Overview

The Power BI Course is designed for students who like to learn by doing. Packed with real-life business scenarios along with quizzes and projects to build, this course will give you the solid understanding required to jump start your career as a Power BI developer, business intelligence analyst, or a multiskilled data scientist. It will not only teach you how to create stunning dashboards but will also introduce you to data modelling and data transformations. You will learn how to write DAX, set up calculated columns and measures, generate roles, and, of course, share your dashboards with your team or clients. Power BI allows you to connect to hundreds of data sources and quickly analyze your data for free.

Topics covered

data analysisdata visualizationPowerbiTheory

What You'll Learn

You are interested in starting a career as a Power BI developer, business intelligence analyst, or data scientist? Start right away with the Power BI course and master your skills in creating dashboards, working with data models, and data transformations.

How the BI software functions
Visualize your data 
Share insights across your organization 
Connect to different data sources 
Get familiar with DAX 
Create a report 


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The course feels a little outdated. Also, some sections have been moved around without considering the impact on references in the actual videos, which is confusing. In terms of the lessons themselves, I appreciated the hands-on approach, however I feel that too much time was spent on explaining basic features of the interface (text and color edits for example), while not enough time was dedicated to a more comprehensive explanation of often complex concepts relating to the DAX formulas. More background informarmation on why these work the way they do would have been veluable for learning. In fact, i found myself resorting to additional online resoufrces quite often in sections 2 to 6, so that I could properly grasp the formulas explained there.
topics are explained in complicated way.i also feel videos are not in order.complicated parts are explained earlier then introduction parts are explained later.resources are missing at some videos,which makes learning boring when you are unable to practice along with video. At times i feel choice of words in certain situation brings barrier between explaination and understanding.
This is one of, if not the worst course in the "Data Science Fundamentals" library. The audio quality is very low, it was hard to understand at multiple situations. The course itself doesn't cover fundamentals and feels very advanced at times. Most of the learnings steps are scattered and my overall impression is that it's disorganized. I expected more.
I'm a little bit skeptical that Task Four could be completed with the learning materials so far. Seems to me that a few aspects was skipped (e.g. creating a var) With some googling I was able to catch up, but I think the content could be extended for newbies to PowerBI (or mention a prerequisite for this Course)
For a beginner like myself. It wasn't easy to just comprehend those formulas. He didn't properly introduce or give us a reason why we will really need those formulas. Especially when we are tasked with a different scenario. My question is, i don't know if the formulas are the same approach for any task.
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Dimitar Shutev

“This course will give you the solid understanding of Power BI required to boost your career opportunities. You will not only learn how to create stunning dashboards, but you will also get familiar with data modelling, data transformations, writing DAX, setting up calculated columns and measures, generating roles, and, of course, sharing your dashboards with your team or clients.”

Dimitar Shutev

Worked at Amadeus, DXC Technology

Power BI

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