Quantitative Methods Cheat Sheet 

Ivan Kitov
Ivan Kitov

With rapid data and information-gathering advancements, businesses rely increasingly on their financial analysts to aid decision-making. It’s essential to master quantitative methods in finance because they provide the basis for financial analysis, risk management, and forecasting.  

The Quantitative Methods Cheat Sheet is an open-access resource that introduces the formulas necessary to conduct quantitative analysis in finance. Financial analysts need to be well-versed in the mathematical, statistical, and probability concepts that make up the financial decision-making process. 

Quantitative techniques are pivotal in securities analysis, risk management, and corporate finance, specifically capital projects evaluation and investment selection. Meanwhile, descriptive statistical methods characterize risk and return. You also need to know the principles of probability theory because they serve as a bedrock for making decisions related to investment and risk—particularly under conditions of uncertainty. 

We’ve organized the quantitative formulas into sections, making it easy to quickly find the ones you need. Whether you’re a budding financial professional or already have experience, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive resource you can refer to at any point of your journey. 

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