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18 Oct 2022

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14 Oct 2022


Regular Expressions


I learned that in Data Science, people often us Regular Expression (Regex). I was wondering if Regex is taught in any of the courses in this platform?

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18 Oct 2022


Hi Ishrath!

Thanks for reaching out.

You are right. Although regex is a tool that programmers use more often than data scientists, the latter must be aware of its existence and functionality as well.
As of now, Giles presents the Python's Regex module in the Advanced Python: Debugging section of the Python Bootcamp course (
The section description is the following:
Advanced Python: Debugging
When you write code, it will contain mistakes! It’s unavoidable. Debugging is the process of going through your code, finding the mistakes and correcting them. We will teach you that process in this section. You will also be introduced to python’s module for using regular expressions: Regex.
and this is a link to its first lecture:

Hope this helps.

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