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21 Oct 2021

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31 May 2021


Regarding Data Science and Data Analytics course

Hi Team,

I have selected two courses:

1.Data Science

2. Data analytics.

Can you guide me about these two
courses? I want to make a career transition in this field from another field
where I am currently working.

Need your guidance on the following.

About two courses.

Any prerequisites?

How will beginners be helpful?

How will concepts be taught as I am
new in this field?

Any projects in the course so I can
utilize theoretical knowledge?

Any job opportunities after this

Any job support as I am new so I
will not be able to search for a job on my own.

Appreciate your response.

Br, Mukesh

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Posted on:

21 Oct 2021


Hello Mukesh

I've just started the course, I'm planning to apply the frameworks and theories we will study to my current work and I will be happy if we join a study group together to help each other apply the study martial.

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