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03 Oct 2019


How to use the Q&A HUB


1. How to post a question

Before you post a question here, please ensure it hasn’t been answered. A quick search in the Search box should resolve this. If your question has already been addressed, join the discussion – there’s so much to be said on any topic in finance. If your question hasn’t been asked, please post it using following guidelines.


  • Question titles should be descriptive and contain enough information to help the next person reading them understand if this thread is helpful to them.
  • Good title: What’s the difference between commercial and investment banking?
    Bad title: I am confused!!!
  • Include enough detail in the body of your question so that others can quickly and accurately help you.
  • If you have questions about financial formulas and calculations, include them in the description. If you’ve tried something that hasn’t worked, please share what you’ve done.
  • If you have a question about a concept discussed in one of the lessons, please include a link using the Lesson link box. This will help our instructor team provide better answers.

2. What are comments used for

The comments’ purpose is to expand on a question or address a minor aspect of it. Use them to ask for more information or provide clarification. Commenting under your own question is allowed if, too, if it is to add more context.\r\nIf you can answer a question in the HUB, please use the answer field and not the comments.

3. Who can post a question

Any registered user can ask a question. All 365 Financial Analyst students are automatically registered in the HUB. Newcomers to the website, welcome to 365 Financial Analyst! If you haven’t registered, you’ll receive a registration prompt so you can interact with the HUB.

4. Who can answer a question

Any registered user can answer a question. You’re welcome to do so if you have the know-how to help someone. Try to be friendly and helpful in your answers, as this is a learner’s community. If your answer is complete and accurate, the Original Poster or our Team will mark the question as closed.

5. What are Super Learners

Super Learners are 365 Financial Analyst students at level eight or above. When you reach level eight, you earn a Super Learner badge displayed next to your name.

Will my question be answered if I am not a Super Learner?

Yes. We answer all questions with equal care. We wish to grow a community of financial experts where our students support each other. So, even if we’re slow to answer a question, someone else might provide the answer. Either way, no question remains unanswered.

Can I become a Super Learner?

You can. The program includes hundreds of hours of video lessons and exercises and covers finance fundamentals and advanced specialization topics. There are plenty of learning materials for everyone, and we reward the most dedicated and motivated students with a Super Learner badge. You can browse all courses at

6. Who is behind 365

The 365 Financial Analyst instructors create all courses on the platform and answer questions related to their areas of expertise. You can expect Antoniya to answer accounting and economics questions. Ivan addresses corporate finance and investing queries, and Nedko helps with fintech, M&A, and financial modeling, etc. Please visit the About Us section to meet the rest of the team.

8. Rudeness and hostility will not be tolerated

This is a community of learners, and there is no need for rude conduct. Insulting members, homophobia, and racism are not tolerated. Remember, we are all here to learn and upskill; a hostile environment cannot not facilitate this.   Enjoy the HUB :) 365 Team
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