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01 Apr 2023

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31 Mar 2023


Difficult explanation

To be honest, i try to follow the explanations and its just not adding up for me. Yall should please make this a little less complex and explain in a simple way. you can do with small data instead of this big data. the model part is showing a different relationship to the one shown in the video and now im lost. Its upsetting

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01 Apr 2023


To summarize, in Power BI we can only have one active relationship between two tables. For example Order Date from sales to Date from Calendar. We can also have an inactive relatioship from sales based off Shipment Date to Date from Calendar. If we use the Calendar table as a filter we will only filter the Sales table based off the Order Date. If you also want to filter your Sales data based off the Shipment Date you need to use a DAX calculation using USERELATIONSHIP function.

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