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29 May 2024

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28 May 2024


About certificate

Can I get certificate after completing this course

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29 May 2024


Hello there,

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When you go through and complete your Data Science 365 program, you’ll receive two different types of certificates.

Course Certificate – These certificates confirm that you’ve completed an individual course, such as SQL or Statistics. These are automatically generated from within the learning platform upon passing the relevant course exam. To get notified every time you receive a certificate via email and on the platform, go to “Notifications” section within “Account Settings” and check “Certificate unlock” boxes.

Career Track Certificate – Once you’ve completed all individual courses within a career track, you’ll receive your career track certificate of achievement. This will prove that you’ve gone through all of the relevant courses for this career track, and now have a wide range of data science skills and knowledge. With this certificate, you’ll be able to supplement your applications for many related roles within data science.

The exam passing mark for both is a minimum of 60%. 

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