Newsfeed Analysis in Tableau Project

Exploring a Newsfeed Feature Engagement Using Tableau's Analytical Power free beginner

With Ivan Manov

Type: Course project

Duration: 4 Hours

Case Description

Overview: In this Newsfeed Analysis in Tableau project, you’ll tackle a real-world case and gain hands-on experience optimizing a website’s newsfeed feature for maximum user engagement. Dive deep into a real-life database, perform data analysis in Tableau, and unearth crucial insights that can enhance your professional portfolio and skillset.

Objective: Your main goal is to generate graphs that analyze users’ interaction patterns with the 365 platform’s Newsfeed service. For this purpose, you must craft a data visualization in Tableau that captures critical findings from 01-01-2023 to 05-31-2023. Build this Tableau dashboard from scratch, utilizing it to deduce necessary conclusions and recommend potential refinements.

The challenge: A newsfeed is a part of a website that constantly updates with new content, showing the latest news or activities. This feature facilitates real-time discoveries and encourages user engagement by presenting fresh content each time the user accesses the platform.
The 365 platform’s Newsfeed offers a mix of automated and manual posts. Automated entries showcase students’ milestones, such as completing an award card collection or earning a certificate of achievement. On the other hand, manual entries are texts created by students to share insights or opinions with the community.
The aim of this Newsfeed Analysis in Tableau project is to determine which type resonates more with our audience and identify potential issues with these features, along with suggestions for enhancements. The task is to create several visualizations giving crucial information about the newsfeed and how the users react to it.

Drawing from your findings, you can create a strategy to optimize the newsfeed service, ensuring it’s engaging and encourages prolonged platform usage—fostering a vibrant online community and, ultimately, influencing course subscriptions and renewals.

Project requirements

You’ll work with Tableau Public 2023.1 or newer for this Newsfeed Analysis in Tableau project.

Project files

  • For building the required visualizations in Tableau:
    - newsfeed_analysis.twbx – a file containing the necessary CSV files for creating the graphs
  • For directions on the required visualizations:
    - dashboard_sketching.pdf – A file with a draft of the essential dashboard
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Project content
  • 2 Project files
  • Guided and unguided instructions
  • Part 1: Creating a Dual Graph: Monthly Post Activity and Average Likes
  • Part 2: Creating a Bar Chart: Subtype Post Distribution
  • Part 3: Creating a Bar Chart: Subtype Popularity Measured in Likes
  • Part 4: Creating a Bar Chart: Subtype Popularity Measured in Comments
  • Part 5: Creating a Bar Chart: Newsfeed User Engagement
  • Part 6: Creating the Dashboard
  • Part 7: Formatting the Dashboard
  • Part 8: Interpreting the Results
  • Quiz
Topics covered
Data visualization Data Analysis