Introduction to Equity Securities

with Ivan Kitov

Deepen your understanding of the role of equity in investment analysis and portfolio management. Take your first step towards financial mastery by exploring the types of equity securities and learning how to invest in non-domestic stocks.

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Course Overview

The Introduction to Equity Securities course provides a detailed overview of global equity markets and their historical performance. In addition, we discuss what equity securities are, the different types, and their characteristics. We also examine the differences between public and private equity securities and explore their risk and return characteristics. You will also learn the difference between a firm’s cost of equity and return on equity, and investors’ required rate of return. The Introduction to Equity Securities course is highly recommended if you wish to pursue a career in financial or investment analysis. Whether you're starting out or looking to refine your skills, it will equip you with the tools and insights to succeed. Make sure to enroll today, and see you soon!

Topics covered

Finance FundamentalsInvestment AnalysisPortfolio Management

What You'll Learn

Do you want to become a successful financial analyst? Acquire the foundational knowledge required to analyze and value equity securities. This Introduction to Equity Securities course will help you:

Examine the different types of equity securities
Describe differences in voting rights among equity classes
Learn how to invest in non-domestic stocks
Study the relationship between a firm’s cost of equity, return on equity, and investors’ required rate of return
Explore how equity securities create company value
Examine the difference between the market and the book value of securities


  • Types of Equity
    4 Lessons 17 Min

    This course begins with an examination of the types of equity securities. We explore the differences between common and preferred shares and the role they play in a company’s financing. Next, we delve into convertible preferred shares and explain why they are often used to finance risky private equity firms and venture capital. Then, the course covers the dual-voting structure companies may implement in their corporate governance. You will learn the differences between “Class A” and “Class B” shares and see how each one is treated with respect to stock splits and dividends. Next, we discuss private and public equity securities. Lastly, we explore the characteristics of venture capital, leveraged buyout (LBO), and private investment in public equity (PIPE).

    Introduction to Equity Securities Free
    Equity Securities (Characteristics) Free
    Voting Rights Free
    Private vs. Public Equity
  • Foreign Equities and Equity Risk
    6 Lessons 25 Min

    To broaden your perspective, we teach you how to invest in non-domestic stocks. Namely, we explore the difference between direct and indirect investing through depository receipts. We further divide the latter into unsponsored and sponsored and explore how they differ with respect to voting rights. Then, we examine two additional ways to gain foreign equity exposure: through global depository receipts (GDRs) and American depository receipts (ADRs). After covering the basics, we provide a deeper insight into the risk and return characteristics of various equity securities. More specifically, we explain the role of equity securities in company financing. Then, we discuss the difference between the market and the book value of equity. Finally, we touch upon the relationship between a company’s cost of equity and return on equity and investors’ required rate of return.

    Non-domestic Stocks
    Equity (Risk and Return)
    The Role of Equity in Company Financing
    Market vs Book Value of Equity
    Return on Equity
    Cost of Equity

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I learnt a lot of new technical information. And I got a better understanding of Price to Book ratio. Thank you.
Excellent! It was very informative. The explanations are straight to the point.
Very good and informative course and easy to understand.
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Ivan Kitov

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Introduction to Equity Securities

with Ivan Kitov

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