Macroeconomics Cheat Sheet

Antoniya Baltova
Antoniya Baltova

Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that studies how the overall economy behaves. It deals with such broad concepts as national income, economic growth, fiscal and monetary policies, and international trade. 

It also analyzes how markets, businesses, consumers, and governments interact. Powered by demand and supply, economists track various indicators and indexes, including gross domestic product (GDP), personal disposable income, inflation, and unemployment.  

This study material equips you with the necessary formulas to address the following questions: 

  • What’s the GDP Expenditure Approach? 
  • How do you calculate GDP under the Income Approach? 
  • What is the key difference between the consumer price index (CPI) and the GDP deflator? 
  • Does the Laspeyres’ Index help to estimate an economy’s price level and inflation? 
  • What’s included in the real gross domestic product measure (real GDP)? 

Our open-access cheat sheet is a concise compilation of the most vital macroeconomics concepts and GDP formulas, conveniently organized and easily accessible. They’re an excellent resource for financial and business analysts, accountants, researchers, and finance students. 

Are you looking to grow your expertise in the global economy? Our Macroeconomics course provides valuable insights into nations’ economic decision-making and driving forces.  

You can also download our free Excel templates on relevant concepts, including Interest Rate Parity (IRP), Trend Analysis, and Multivariate Regression.  

Macroeconomics Cheat Sheet

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