Fundamentals of Financial Reporting Cheat Sheet 

Antoniya Baltova
Antoniya Baltova

Financial reporting plays a crucial role in the business world. A company’s financial statements enable it to communicate its financial performance to internal and external stakeholders, including management, investors, and regulatory authorities. By mastering the fundamentals of financial reporting, you’ll gain valuable insights into a company’s financial health and make informed decisions. 

The open-access Fundamentals of Financial Reporting cheat sheet equips you with the essential formulas to build financial reports. From the basics of accounting to the major financial statement formulas, you gain a deeper understanding of how to calculate net profit, gross profit margin, return on equity, and other financial ratios. This is an excellent resource for financial analysts, investment analysts, accountants, finance students, and those looking to improve their financial knowledge. 

Learn how to compile an Annual Report and examine a company’s revenue and expenses with our Fundamentals of Financial Reporting course.  

Feel free to download and practice with our free Excel templates onCash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and the Annual Report of a company.  

Cover of Fundamentals of Financial Reporting Cheat Sheet

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