Excel Functions

Ned Krastev
Ned Krastev

Co-Founder Of 365 Data Science

The majority of data comes in spreadsheet format, making Excel the #1 tool of choice for professional data analysts. The ability to work effectively and efficiently in Excel is highly desirable for any data practitioner who is looking to bring value to a company. As a matter of fact, being proficient in Excel has become the new standard, as 82% of middle-skill jobs require competent use of the productivity software. Take this free Excel Functions practice exam and test your knowledge on removing duplicate values, transferring data from one sheet to another, rand using the VLOOKUP and SUMIF function.

Who Is It For?

This free excel practice test is designed for literally anyone who is interested in evaluating how proficient they are at using various Excel functions and shortcuts. Regardless of your professional background , if you work with data of any kind/size you will benefit from this quick assessment of your Excel skills.

How Can It Help You?

Even if you do not plan on becoming a data scientist, data analyst, business analyst or any other data-related professional having good Excel skills will surely come in handy when you are doing school work, working an administrative job or any other work that requires data. Therefore, find out how good you are at working with Excel with this free practice quiz.